Cemara Indah Hotel has 2 Superior rooms.

  • 2 rooms with double beds
  • IDR   750.000,- nett / low season
  • IDR 1000.000- nett / high season
  • IDR 1250.000,- nett / peak season
  • Facilities: afternoon and evening tea, breakfast, hot shower, aqua compliment, TV, balcony with Bromo mountain scenary

Tour Packages

bromo sunrise package tour
Bromo montain are very famous with its wonderful crater , we will attend several beautiful attraction around bromo area such as enjoying sunrise at mt.pananjakan and going to the crater .We will do the activity in 2 day 1 night.

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Festival Seni Tradisional & Sejuta Api Bromo
Jadwal pelaksanaan Festival Seni Tradisional & Sejuta Api Bromo

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